Power generation from hidden fuels

We produce electricity. From hidden fuels.


These are secondary fuels that conventional decentralised energy systems, such as combustion engines, can convert into electricity only very arduously, at the cost of major commitment of technical resources.


Landfill gases. Leftover wood containing impurities. Material left after industrial processes.


We burn these hidden fuels, use the hot gas to power a turbine, and generate electricity and heat available where they are needed.


Places such as communal landfills, energy intensive industries, areas where disaster rescue teams are at work. Or in a metropolis such as Karachi, that is battling problems with waste.


The technological challenge consists of the technical characteristics and composition of these fuels and the resulting requirements to be met by the facility's emission-protection performance, its efficiency and system lifespan. For this purpose we combine proven technologies, such as a robust micro gas turbine, with innovative top-calibre technology. Burners produced in the selective laser melting process or high-temperature heat exchangers serve as examples here.


That way, bit by bit, we improve our customers' world.

Powering your world.